Help - Clasp / Buckle Operations

Buckle Clasp

is a strap buckle is and a common clasp closure identical to those found on belts. It features a loop and pin that are secured through the holes on the strap.

Deployment Clasp

is a type of bracelet closure with a clasp that opens and folds out. It easily locks into place with a latch mechanism inside.

Deployment Clasp With Safety

is Also known as a fold-over safety clasp, this type of bracelet closure has a clasp that opens and folds out, along with a fold-over closure that provides added layer of security. It locks into place first with the latch mechanism and then with the folding clasp on the outside.

Hidden Clasp

is a hidden deployment clasp, also known as a butterfly clasp, which opens at both ends of the bracelet and resembles a butterfly’s wings when it is fully opened. The bracelethhas a seamless look when completely closed.

Push Button Hidden Clasp

is a push-button hidden clasp is a hidden or butterfly clasp with a push-button release mechanism that easily opens the clasp. Push-Button Deployment Clasp is a single locking deployment clasp with a push-button mechanism that easily opens the bracelet. The push-button mechanism serves as a safety feature, since the bracelet will not open unless the push-button is released.

Push-Button Foldover Clasp With Safety

is a deployment clasp with a push-button mechanism that opens the bracelet, along with a fold over closure on top that provides a second layer of security.

Deployment Buckle Clasp

is a hidden or butterfly clasp used on watch straps. One end of the clasp is attached to the strap on one side, the other end of the clasp requires fastening onto the holes of the strap for a comfortable fit. The clasp easily opens and closes for added convenience and avoids the user of having to adjust the strap length after the first use. Many watches from Lucien Piccard feature deployments clasp buckles on their premium leather and exotic skin wristwatches... a sign of distinction and security.

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